Bill Williams is the Executive VP of Market Research for an emerging Social Media Marketing agency, offering real business solutions to companies of all sizes within the web 2.0 revolution.

Bill was born and raised in New Jersey where he currently resides with his wife and daughter and is an active member of the community and various charitable organizations.  As a member of the Order of the Friendly Sons of the Shillelagh Bill takes an active role in making sure all citizens (not just Irish Americans) are afforded opportunities for success and well-being, as is the goal of the foundation.

Bill has backgrounds in financial markets and executive management and has recently become an avid enthusist of all things relating to Social Media.  Along with his friend and fellow web 2.0 enthusiast Justin Leshynski Bill has been working night and day to bring his agency and it’s clients into the forefront of the Digital Revolution.

Other than his passion for his work and the community Bill also enjoys spending time in the ocean both swimming and surfing, spending time with his friends and family, and enjoying everything life has to offer.

you can also follow Bill on facebook or Twitter:


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