No One Likes a Loudmouth Self-Promoter

As in our real life interactions, or maybe even more so, the Social Media community hates to be a Friend, Fan, or Follower of someone who does nothing but talk about themselves.  Think about dates you’ve gone or maybe a party you where at and all someone did was talk about themselves and what they are doing in life. All the while you couldn’t get a word in edgewise and when you could they could care less about what you had to say.  I can with the utmost certainty guarantee you that you never went on a second date or hung out with that person from the party ever again.

The same will always hold true in the realm of Social Media.  If you business plan is go out there blast posts, tweets, and blogs everyday putting up promotions and telling people to come to your establishment then logging off and walking away.  It’s by far the worst business plan you could have, and one which I can assure you that by doing makes certain that your Social Media campaign WILL fail and fail miserably.  This isn’t to say people absolutely do want to receive promotions, because they do, and yes they want to know whats going on with your business; but at the same time they want to feel like you are really connecting with them and are not just there to use Social Media as another avenue of advertising.  You have to connect with your audience on a human level and see what it is they are saying about your business.  There may even be something that you have a common interest in that you can have a discussion with them about it, or ask what their advice is on the subject.  If you are willing to sit and listen you will be able to get to know your customers the way a small town mom and pop owner knows each and every person that walks through their doors.  In return they will display fierce loyalty and become what we now known as a brand evangelist.   These are the people who will tell every single person they know that they should go to you because you are the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Don’t believe me, take a look at the truly successful Social Media campaigns Redbull, Levi’s, or A.J. Bombers to name a few,  they all have one thing in common and it’s that they engage with their audience far more than they promote their brand.  What other companies are failing to realize is that by not directly advertising but rather engaging with fellow users they are promoting their brand far more effectively than the companies that puts up ten posts a day saying to come by for (insert special) and don’t respond when some asks a question or comments with an issue they have.

There is a reason that humans were created with two ears and one mouth, it is due to the fact that it’s far more important for us to listen than it is to speak.  If we listen people will tell us exactly what it is they want us to say.  They will tell us as a business exactly how we should market something to them.  Social Media gives us the power to do this and in real-time so there are no delays between researching how people want to be marketed to and putting that into action.


About socialbill

I am the Executive VP of Market Research for Davanti Digital Media. Our specialty is bringing premium social media services to companies both large and small. On a personal level I try to enjoy everything life has to offer and not stress over things that I have no control over. You can't take life too seriously...You'll never make it out alive.
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