The Revolution is NOW…

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.  In the days, weeks, months, and years to come I will be offering my insights and accumulated knowledge on everything social media.  Again, if you have not read the about me portion of this profile I am the VP Market Research for Davanti Digital Media; which means my entire day consists of analyzing the most up to date information and innovative technologies within the world of social media to decide what is important now and what is going to be important in the future for Davanti and it’s clients.

That being said, I would first and foremost like to welcome everyone to the web 2.0 revolution.  If you haven’t started facebooking, tweeting, blogging, or any of the other various forms of social interaction via web 2.0 you are already behind.  Not to worry though, because even with hundreds of millions of users, Facebook and Twitter are still in their infancy, just like the rest of the social media world.  However, now is the time to get on board or you just may miss the social media boat, and as a business owner ( small or large) in 2010, this is one boat ride that you can’t afford to miss.

The single most important thing that business owners are not grasping about this new and improved form of marketing is that it is not driven by big money advertisements.  No, in fact social media marketing is just the opposite of that with web 2.0 business and marketing is being driven by your consumers and how well you interact with them as an audience.  65% of facebook users say they would take a recommendation on a company from a peer over traditional advertising.  So what business need to do is engage, but more so than just engage get out there and engage in the proper ways on the proper channels.  Owners need to know that facebook is more of a conversation than a selling point, and that twitter is more informational than conversational.  These and a million other little nuances of the various social media platforms is what makes this world exciting and formidable all at the same time.

Remember the most important thing above all else is to get out there, how can you even attempt to play the game if you aren’t even on the field.  You will stumble along the way and you will have successes along with your failures.  You won’t ever know everything there is to know about social media for the simple fact that it is always changing.  Unless you have all day to monitor and research things are going to get by you.  I will do my best to give you the most knowledge I can provide you.  But remember no one ever succeeded without first trying.  So get out there get involved and engage.


About socialbill

I am the Executive VP of Market Research for Davanti Digital Media. Our specialty is bringing premium social media services to companies both large and small. On a personal level I try to enjoy everything life has to offer and not stress over things that I have no control over. You can't take life too seriously...You'll never make it out alive.
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